The Studio

Of course we could tell you all about how professional our work is, what rich experience we draw from and what tattoos and tattoing mean to us. And rant on and on. We don't want to, though. Simply because you' ve probably got your own ideas about that, and that's the way it should remain. We think it is much more important that you feel good. And feel good you will, as soon as we open our door for you for the first time and make you feel comfy by cracking one of our warm-up jokes.

The rest is easy-peasy. You tell us what you want (everything, most likely). We'll tell you what we can do (everything, definitely. Those among you who are getting impatient please click HERE). And you will see: What comes next is more than just superficial decorational elements in ink and colour. More likely a bit of pain, which you will be rewarded for with a new favourite body part. Don't be surprised if it may sometimes turn out to be your ellbow or the hollow of your knee.

Also worth mentioning: The studio is on the first floor of a quaint "Gr├╝nderzeithaus" (early 20th ct house) in the seventh district. The perfect place for leaving the stress of the street behind and chilling out before having yourself tattooed by one of us.